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1.0 - These terms and conditions are directed to all internet users who browse our site named as Pirates Movies "Filmes Piratas".
1.1 - All users are defined as general audience that through research , recommendations , or merchandising gained access to entertainment , site search , and download in Pirates Movies.
1.2 - All users that enjoy the services offered by the site Pirates Movies has every right to contact the site through the public email that ensures that all e-mail sent to it will be read by any member of our team, but we will only reply for which there is real need before it be checked by our Team Members.


2.0 - The Pirates Movies site in partnership with service Newsteller FeedBurner offers users the option of receiving service site updates by e-mail , and anytime receipts such email can be canceled by the service FeedBurner .
2.1 - The Pirates Movies is not responsible for any e-mail sent to registered users, such as e-mails are sent by Google Feedburner - - it provides in its terms of use and commitment loyalty users .
2.2 - The email sent by Google Feedburner service are not entitled to directed responses, because it is a service for sending electronic messages.
2.3 - Any doubt the Google Feedburner service can be ascertained by access to the company website :


3.0 - The Pirates Movies is a service that uses the Internet as a whole by means of search to perform the distribution of information and public content. The distribution does not perform any materials geared for private use, which can not be distributed to the public .
3.1 - All material available on site is not produced by the Pirates Movies team, is produced by several teams who offer their work to the entire public Internet worldwide.
3.2 - The Pirates Movies guarantees nom distribution of malicious contents, or providing danger to its users, on our website, so each and every download that can be shown as " Available" on the website with by public third party links, can be performed without any concern by our users.
3.3 - The Pirates Movies through the site has no extension installed at the source of the website that changes or compromises the integrity of the public computers, as well as any extention that distributes advertisements benefiting companies or third parties.
3.4 - Our website has been produced by the Pirates Movies team, as well as all of the page formatting codes are creation of our team, were not copied or received by third party sites or services, all this to avoid legal complications, and if you are interested in any kind of content previously mentioned on our site, such interest must be reported to the us by email


4.0 - The Pirates Movies does not hold copyright to any content on our site distributed indirectly.
4.1 - If any content on our site infringes the copyright of any person, firm or company, Pirates Movies ensures the removal of such content from our site .
4.2 - We receive notifications of copyrights on this exclusive e-mail:
4.3 - If our website have some content that belongs to you or your company, and we have no permission to use it or distribute it , you, your company , or your staff may advise us to immediately remove the content from our site, by sending the Copyright Complaint on this exclusive e-mail: filmespiratas.copyright
4.4 - Any claim of copyright content must be communicated through this exclusive e-mail:
4.5 - We offers on our website the service "Submit a Copyright Complaint " which after being filled is sent to
4.6 - Forms Copyright Complaint sent to our email and any email Copyright Claim sent to the exclusive e-mail are analyzed in 24 hours, and the links, contents, pages, images, files, they will be removed from the site within 24 hours, respecting the international laws of copyright laws and the DMCA:
4.7 - If in doubt whether your material is being distributed on our website and there is no permission given to us, if the content infringes the Laws of the International Copyright laws and the DMCA, content will be removed from our site within 24 hours.


5.0 - Our team ensures integrity of all third-party sent to us in our private services .
5.1 - No personal information of third parties published on our website pages, or utilities are our responsibility.
5.2 - We are nor responsible by public comments or posts on our public pages by third parties that are not part of our Team .


6.0 - Any questions about our terms of use may be sent to our e-mail: and will be answered by our team.


7.0 - The Monster Lair has the right to partner with any website or company that is in our own interest as ADFly , FeedBurner , or any other without notice to our users.
7.1 - We protect our links, so that they are not identified by software companies or supervised as malicious content and preventing them from being removed from the hosters they belong.
7.2 - The use of advertisements on our site can occur at any time for our own interests with no notice to our users.


8.0 - We use the social networking service Facebook through an exclusive and unique page that promotes, news of our publications, events, and informative to our users .
8.1 - The unique profile and Facebook page corresponding to Pirates Movies service is the profile of following link: - Any other beyound this is not the official page of Pirates Movies and have no right to publish in the name of our website.

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